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When markets are moving quickly, investors need to know what’s happening and why: They like to be reminded that there is an active intelligence taking care of their assets.

That’s why it’s so important for investment companies to keep their websites current. Updating data in a timely, accurate fashion is the first step. But it’s also critical to interpret the data, put it in context and, if possible, support it with a variety of value-added content.

SySys’ content management tools are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your website current, so clients will have a reason to visit frequently. FundSys™ includes pre-designed templates consistent with the site’s look and feel. All you have to do is write a new article or commentary in a standard word processor interface. Then you identify where you want to upload it, and the new content appears instantly, professionally formatted and ready to read.

Better yet, FundSys allows you to publish the content simultaneously across different channels. Many of our clients have a different graphic identity for sections of their website serving different audiences—for example, advisors and retail investors. FundSys automatically formats your content with the correct look-and-feel for each channel. And it’s a simple matter to customize the content as needed for different audiences.

Because compliance is always an issue, we’ve built in automated tools to help you expedite your process and document each step: New documents get routed automatically to the individuals you specify to carry out the approval process; e-mail alerts notify them that new content requires their attention; and every version is saved, including edits and live versions, to create an audit trail. FundSys also generates Section 508 compliant code for those requiring it.