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Data management capability is the central component of any investment company website. In a highly competitive marketplace, you need tools that are sophisticated, flexible and compliant. SySys sets a high bar in all of these areas, and is constantly working to enhance the user experience. Let’s take a closer look:

Sophistication is essential, because the requirements of mutual fund reporting are unique. Obviously, automation provides enormous benefits in terms of time-savings and accuracy—relative to manual data entry. But the ability to import data from multiple sources for daily, monthly, quarterly, one-, three-, five-, and ten-year returns is only the first step. Fund managers have additional requirements that are less intuitive: For example, what is the most efficient way to store and retrieve historical fund data or to handle funds with multiple share classes?

At SySys, we don’t have to improvise answers; we already have them built in, because we created and continue to optimize FundSys™ specifically for the fund industry.

Flexibility is another key requirement. Once you’ve populated the database with basic performance and benchmark information, you need ways to manage and use it in context. We designed FundSys as an easy-to-use, platform-independent tool that allows your team to modify data as needed, without editing any HTML code. For example, you can add or update information about initial investment minimums, share class information, fund objectives, risk factors, etc., and then publish it to the web without having to wait for help from an IT specialist.

Compliance is another requirement that’s unique to asset management websites. FundSys has a number of features specifically designed to support compliance best practices. First, the central data repository brings accuracy and consistency to performance reporting. You get an extra measure of confidence because FundSys provides automatic alerts and notifications in the event of any source file or data problems. Because documentation is key to effective compliance, we’ve included historical data tools for retaining and viewing dated fund information. Finally, because systems work best with both human and automated oversight, FundSys gives you the ability to preview data throughout the website before moving it live.