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The FundSys product line consists of tools and optional modules that enable marketing teams to take full control of their data and content. FundSys makes it easy to automate web content, print production, campaign management/tracking and much more.  Our products and services assist asset managers with the design and development of software for website data management as well as content management for marketing and IT teams.  

FundSys utilizes tools and techniques we've developed over many years specifically for the mutual fund industry. We are well aware of asset managers’ unique reporting requirements. These are data-intensive, with the accompanying need for timely, incisive explanation, which takes the form of charts and commentary.

“FundSys provides the ability to manage every conceivable data, content and charting need - across multiple websites and channels.”
FundSys provides the ability to manage every conceivable data, content and charting need— across multiple websites and channels. The goal is to level the playing field, giving your enterprise a web presence that is full-functioned and easy to use allowing quick updates, nimble response times and creative flexibility.

A FundSys-enabled website responds considerably faster than traditional data-driven websites. Though it runs on a standard browser, FundSys is, in fact, a complete software application that can be customized with specific mutual fund tools according to each client’s needs and specifications. When you purchase FundSys, you also get years of asset management marketing and IT experience. In general, SySys provides services, namely, creating, maintaining, designing and implementing sites and software for asset managers. Our clients appreciate the fact that they can work on FundSys remotely, for example, editing a report or creating a fact sheet. In addition, no installations, maintenance or upgrades are ever required on employees’ individual computers.