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The goal of the SySys Information Architecture Approach (IA) process is to logically organize the knowledge and goals of your organization into a roadmap for refining or creating successful solutions to meet those goals. The process analyzes the goals of the company, identifies current and future audiences, defines functional components and content, and finally unifies the information around a consistent design.  The end result of the process defines a solution that may culminate in the need for websites, print documents, software and other tools that your company may not have identified prior to a formal IA process.  A full IA discovery process will result in concrete goals and estimates may then be used to execute an overall solution.

Most firms do not specialize in the financial industry and therefore will not include steps within their process to specifically address critical needs inherent in the financial sector. Like all aspects of how SySys’ does business, we approach information architecture with the financial industry in mind.  Compliance review, print requirements, content and data management, and data import strategies are integrated into our IA process to ensure a well executed solution.

The cost spent on IA can vary greatly deeply depending on the level of detail it covers, although a good IA process, once completed, can greatly reduce the cost of the final project by producing a very clear and concise picture of what needs to be accomplished.

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