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Building your new website on the FundSys platform is a disciplined 4-stage process.
  1. Design. At SySys we always start with each client’s communication objectives and project parmeters. Do you want to establish a new brand in the marketplace or simply refresh an existing image? SySys has a team of designers that can create a dynamic visual vocabulary for your firm. Or we can work with your existing marketing team to extend capabilities and create a cohesive solution.
  2. Functionality. The FundSys platform can be customized to reflect the structure of your business, no matter how complex it may be. For example, we can easily accommodate multiple sites with different design elements that exist on top of one basic architecture and data model—greatly simplifying administration and content management. The result is a site with separate password-protected entry points for retail clients and affiliated advisors, while allowing the general public access to less sensitive information. Focusing on specific market segments allows firms to attract new assets, encourage customer loyalty, and target scarce resources to the tasks with the greatest potential impact.
  3. Implementation. SySys handles all technical development. Our “Software as a Service” approach means that clients never have to install, maintain or upgrade desktop software. At various stages in the implementation, we host online demos that allow you to proof and edit the work in progress. Although training requirements are minimal, we work with your team to make sure you’re confident and ready before it’s time to launch.
  4. Go live/Stay live. We guarantee a smooth launch, and we will support you with any publicity materials you require to get the word out—including press releases and e-mail blasts. Post-launch, we do whatever it takes to keep you up and running. Our partnership philosophy means we are available to answer questions, fix problems and create additional custom features as your business needs evolve. You’ll have a dedicated project manager as your initial point of contact, and we have escalation procedures in place that allow you to reach knowledgeable staff members 24/7 when needed.

The overwhelming majority of our clients have been referrals, which is just our way of saying that we have a history of keeping our clients as satisfied and excited as they were on the day they hired us.